Unofficial High Noon Club

Just one current note of change concerning the Unofficial High Noon Club. We have moved from the Goldminer Restaurant and are now meeting at the Black Forest.

The current exception to the above statement is that with the Corona Virus Outbreak, and having all restaurant’s closed we are currently meeting on Monday & Friday at noon at the lodge.

A little History by Jon Torbert

This is referred to as an unofficial High Noon Club because that’s what it is. It has never officially formed. It has no bylaws, or official rules of any kind, but it has been meeting on a continuous basis for over 25 years. Originally established by W.B. Leigh Hartley the group started meeting in the mid 1980’s at the Rogue Food Shop. (No longer in existance) After a couple of years that establishment had a fire, and the group moved to the Wonder Bur Cafe. At some point in time the smokiness of that facility drove everyone around the corner to a new place called the Bay Berry Station. Seeing as we were its primary clientele it only lasted a few years before it closed up in approximately 1996. After a little searching, the group settled down in the Calico Cafe between E and F street. The Calico Cafe was, unfortunately, located in a building that has housed many restaurants. None of which has been able to make it. This was the fate of Calico, and the group was again forced to move on to its next location which was Dotties Diner. After approximately one year at Dottie’s the group was told that the building owner was raising the rent substantially, and Dottie’s would have to move. Well after having the last two establishments close up on us, the group was starting to think that maybe it was a jinx for local restaurants, however, Dotties did reopen, and the group started meeting on the corner of 7th. and M streets. Then the inevitable happened. The owner came, and told us that her mother was going to have to have knee surgery, and she was going to have to close. Her mother was the cook, and I guess she didn’t want to run the business with out her. Well we moved on for a bit, but eventually another person came along to start a restaurant in that great location. So we are back at it on the corner of 7th. and M streets, and it is called the Goldminer. So far we have not caused this one to close up.

We use to meet Monday through Friday at approximately 11am to whenever. This was another reason why we are called the Unofficial High Noon Club since we didn’t start at High Noon. So we now start at about 12 noon. Tuesday is the day that the Josephine County Shrine Club meets at the Elk’s Lodge so you probably won’t find anyone at the Goldminer. Although there is nothing that excludes non-Masons from joining our group, to date none have. So if anyone is interested in coming down and helping us solve some of the world’s problems, we would be happy to see you.

Besides the people who you see above there are other famous, or is that infamous individuals who are regulars, simi-regulars, or missing in action with this group. Namely Richard (Perfect Rotary Attendance) Surroz, Loyd (I’m too busy) Wiltermood, James (Everyday is a holiday) Elliot, Gary (Homeless in AZ) Lundberg, and Ben (The Welshman) Skinner just to name a few. We have also had some regulars from the past who just stopped coming. I don’t understand why. We all shower regularly. (Well most of us!)  I guess Ron (I’m too busy workin) Flower found greener grass on the  golf course. Clean Gene the plumbing machine came a few times when we met at the Wonder Bur, and then disappeared, Dr. Ray (I’m never gonna retire) Johnson who was a regular for quite a while suddenly decided that we were a hopelessly untrainable group, and gave up on us. Come on back you guys we miss you.

Finally I will mention that I will try to keep adding to this section as time permits. Especially pictures, and I will try to keep it interesting.